Arizona Pest Control is a local, family owned and operated Pest Control Company that has been servicing the Tucson Metro area since 1947. Bruce Tennenbaum, the owner of the company, purchased the company in 1982. He had very few customers and went door to door selling his services and providing the service at the same time.

His hard work paid off, Arizona Pest Control is now 35 employees strong and is a huge success in the Tucson marketplace. The BBB has given an A+ rating to Arizona Pest Control for the past 25 years and Angie’s List has rewarded the company their Super Service Award for the past 6 years. This is due to the excellent customer service that starts with the office staff and continues through the Sales team and Technicians.

I have been working for Arizona Pest Control for over 4 years. Had I known how great of a company it was, I would have come over sooner. We are more than just employees of a company, we are family. The care that the ownership gives to its employees is by far greater than any other company that I have worked for.

As the Commercial Inspector/Sales person, I have had the experience of knocking on doors and meeting some of the most influential and interesting people that Tucson has to offer. Each one has a different story to tell.

Tucson Originals is an outstanding Organization that treats all of its members like family. If you are down on your luck or just need an occasional pick me up talk, they are right there by your side to assist you in any way they can. The comradery that exists in Tucson Originals is by far the best I have seen in any networking/social club. They really care and want to make certain that local restaurants can compete with the large chains.

Arizona Pest Control is currently going through a growth spurt. With smaller companies being bought out by the larger national chains, Arizona Pest Control remains and will continue to be local and family owned. Josh Tennenbaum, Operations Manager, is gaining more and more knowledge and experience, so that he can one day take over the company that his Father has built.

If you are considering being a part of Tucson Originals as a Preferred Purveyor Partner, I would highly recommend it. This group of restaurants is an exceptional group, providing marketing/advertising opportunities to its members, public awareness of highly publicized events, a vast knowledge of the restaurant industry, opportunities for the purveyors to deal one on one with the owners at the meetings, opportunities for purveyors to take part in Tucson Originals events and get exposure for their company, and lastly an opportunity to build friendships that will last forever.